The ART Adventure

Artists who paint on site will tell you—the landscape is always changing. This is also true of the art business, requiring constant adaptation by artists like myself who plan to work throughout their lifetime. Art is, and has always been, an adventure for me. It’s the way I connect with the world—the environment, weather, friends, family, and collectors. I’m guessing, the next leg of this journey is going to be as exciting as past chapters and this time… I’d like to invite you to come along with me.

Lets Be Direct

The purpose of this new website is to make my work available for purchase online—directly from my studio. This virtual “opening up” of my studio is intended to provide you with access to my inventory of large and small works. I’ll be letting you in on the pre-work, adventures, sketches, new materials—all the things that are part the making and selling of art. An artist’s life can be extremely interesting. I’d like to share some of these experiences with you—as well as provide a convenient and direct method for you to view and purchase my most recent work.